Projects We’re Developing

We’re tremendously proud of the work we do for our clients, but often we can’t shout as loudly about as we’d like. Those who are “in the industry” understand why that’s the case, but we still thought it was an interesting enough dynamic to discuss in some detail elsewhere.

Thankfully, we spend a not-insignificant portion of our time working on our own ideas, and are eager to share our progress. (That progress may come in fits and starts, honestly – but an inside look at the guts of a project is always a more interesting story to tell than the final-product case study.)

True to our mission to bring the best of XD to one and all, we are developing a platform to allow for UX-community-driven answers to challenges that most businesses destined to encounter. Though similar in some of its functional details to the UX StackExchange forum, will focus most intensely on providing clear, concise, professional advice to non-practitioners. Our mission is to help connect people who need UX advice, with those who prove themselves to be the most adept (and successful) at providing it.

Street Art Curator

An upcoming iPhone app designed to let you become an active patron of street art and artists in your city, and around the world. A collaboratively-driven street art curation engine, combining serendipitous discovery and skilled analysis. Trace a path, discover artists, and bear witness (and contribute) to the documentation, decomposition, and revitalization of art.