The UX Drive-By – An Expert Usability Review

A usability review can often seem daunting. There are so many areas of usability that can be overwhelming, and so many different guidelines that can often be hard to reconcile.

Sometimes you just need a second opinion. Or a third. Or a first. A fresh set of eyes, preferably attached to a brain which has experience tackling the kind of problem you’re dealing with now.

The UX Drive By is designed to be a quick, surgical intervention into an existing project where timelines are especially tight, budget is running thin, and your team needs help prioritizing which areas to tackle for the greatest possible gain. You may be asking:

  • Which product features should we be emphasizing, and how?
  • What functionality can we safely cut from the next release, without falling behind on our competition?
  • What kind of testing or research do we need to do up front, and what can we afford to discover “on the fly?”
  • How do we convince the project owners to invest in the product design and audience definition process right now?

The UX Drive-By is, by design, a very short engagement. It will give you a sense of how quickly we can work, how good we are at understanding your business and your challenges, and the value of our advice. Even though it is a low-cost, time-constrained exercise, we want to make sure that you feel like we’ve given you more than your money’s worth.

To help kick things off, tell us a little bit about your challenge: