Our Mission – What Makes Us Different?

There are thousands of Experience Designers, UXAs, Information Architects and related firms pitching their wares today, so how can we say that we’re unique? There can only be so many ways to go about the practice of creating thoughtful user-centered design, right? Among a community of practitioners particularly eager to share their approaches, there aren’t many proprietary methods employed today (no matter what the salesman tells you).

When I started this agency, it was with the simple goal of bringing the most advanced Experience Design techniques, and the most skilled practitioners, to those who have been the least served. Small businesses, startups and artists who’ve had to go it alone should get the same access to the techniques, expertise and experience that every big business has.

I believe that the most inspiring, insightful and impacting work in Experience Design comes from people who are able to draw on the whole of their own experience. I believe that the separation between “work” and “life” artificially constrains the creative potential of Experience Designers, and that the structure of the traditional digital agency is attuned more to the efficient extraction of billable hours than the fostering of brilliant work. XD practitioners should be able to choose the most productive places to apply their skills, maximizing their impact without sacrificing the things in their lives which matter the most.

I believe that businesses, small and large, that want to fulfill their own mission to be innovative and disruptive and to “make a dent in the universe,” need to free themselves from the structure, tempo and style of the 20th century agency. Our difference emerges from our commitment to the entirety of experience, a commitment which spans both the work we do for our clients, and the nature of how we accomplish that work within the context of our own lives.

To fulfill our mission, we focus on three specific elements:

  • We only work for clients when we can have a major impact on their business. We don’t focus on specific industries, but on interesting challenges.
  • We strive for complete transparency: our pricing is based on the value of our work, not the number of hours it takes (though you’ll know both upfront.)
  • We make our tools, approaches and perspective available to like-minded XD practitioners, without reservation.

Not everything we do is unique, but there are good reasons why most other agencies don’t do it this way.

If you share the same passion for great work achieved through non-traditional means, we’d love to talk with you more.