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    We help clients make sense of large, complex problem spaces through Customer Research, UX Design and Data Analysis. 



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    Visualize Your Product Strategy, Aligned with Your Audience's Needs

    Prioritizing Product Development can be challenging without a common understanding of the problems you're trying to solve. We can help you:

    • Build award-winning products that customers love by aligning your product strategy with your audience's needs.
    • Develop a high-impact, shareable, and collaborative visual representation of how your customers approach your product, and interact with your organization.
    • Prioritize your research, product development, and product strategy around real customer insights.
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    Inform Development and Launch Decisions with Deeply-Insightful Research

    Partnering with Chamjari to design and deploy your UX research not only saves you time and money, but shortens development cycles by delivering insights exactly when you need them.

    • Access our team of UX Research Professionals, who are familiar with a wide variety of formative and summative research techniques and best practices.
    • Focus on your core competencies - whether that be developing your own product or experience, or providing design and development services to your clients - while leaving the research to us.
    • Reduce Launch Risk with an Experience Assessment
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    Sprint from Ideation to Product Concept

    Turning customer needs into product ideas and working code can be daunting. Along the way, there's ample opportunity to "lose the thread" that binds a specific customer need to a feature.

    • We provide Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and UX Design services to help you scope out and define the experience you're trying to build.
    • Once an information architecture has been created, we'll develop an interaction design, and create the user interface that binds the concept and design together.
    • Prototyping creates a rich, interactive artifact that can be used in customer research.
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    Quickly Validate Product Ideas

    Get a better idea of how your digital product will look and feel - and get early customer feedback before you invest in building it - by having us create a working prototype. Conduct market research, favorability testing, and usability testing with real customers, and refine your product experience. Leverage our experience designing digital experiences for Fortune 500 companies, and be sure that your final design and implementation are as close to perfect as possible. Save money on implementation with your chosen development partner by providing them with a working prototype- richly-documented and responsively designed.

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    Let Us Use Help You To Plan Your Project Approach

    Comparing services across different research, design, and consulting agencies can be challenging. Terminology isn't always consistent, pricing can be difficult to reconcile, and approaches vary widely in this industry. In a single day working session with one of our most experienced consultants, we'll help you develop:

    • A comprehensive analysis of your organization's needs.
    • A detailed scoping statement that will focus proposals on meeting your specific business goals
    • A baseline project plan you can use to compare approaches
    • A detailed price estimate for delivery of the services you need
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