• Customer Outcome-Based Roadmap

    Gain Deep Insights Into How Your Customers Solve Problems, and Anticipate Their Needs

  • Know What to Build, for Who, and Why - And Track Your Success

    How do you decide where to spend your design and development dollars? Is every point of friction equally bad? Does every moment of gratification deliver the same impact on your KPIs and bottom lines? What if you had a precise map showing you how people move through moments of getting things done– the very things your organization exists to serve?

    Customer Outcome-Based Road Maps are a Powerful Tool

    Gaining a better understanding of your customers and their needs, wants, and habits, helps you to pinpoint where your experience fits into their lives.

    • How well are you meeting needs at each step?
    • Where are there opportunities to optimize the customer relationship?
    • What unmet needs exist in the market, for which you could develop a better product or experience?


    A Customer Outcome-Based Roadmap is a visual representation of the steps a person takes in order to fulfill their own needs, presented in sequential order. The most impactful Roadmaps include descriptions of what the person is thinking and feeling at key moments along the way. The map helps you understand moments of their experience in context– when, where, how, and why they experience these key moments.


    A good Customer Outcome-Based Roadmap will cover how a person moves from the very first time they realized a need, through their search for ways to address and satisfy that need, capturing not only the moment they become aware of your solution, but also the comparative and complimentary products (even solutions already at hand).


    Critically, the Roadmap outlines the Customers' Journey from their own perspective.


    It carries through the moments of purchasing and using your product, troubleshooting, tweeting about it– even moments when your product comes to mind and they don't interact with it.

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    Grounded in Customer Research, Guided By Experience

    At its core, a Customer Outcome-Based Roadmap is a visual storyboard that helps you understand a customer’s journey, as seen through their eyes. It's a powerful tool that can help you identify customer pain points and create solutions to meet their needs. It also helps you identify opportunities to improve their experience of your product or service.


    Our approach is focused on developing and executing a comprehensive and focused Customer Research Plan to help you discover and validate your audience's needs, perspectives, desires and motivations.


    We then work with you to develop a Customer Outcome-Based Roadmap which:

    • Clearly identifies each discrete stage of the Customer Journey, giving you insight into how people approach your product
    • Outlines specific questions and Jobs to Be Done that customers encounter along their journey, to identify opportunities for competitive advantage and differentiation
    • Aligns each of the Interaction Points where customers encounter your product or experience along their Journey
    • Defines specific, trackable metrics to measure the impact your product or experience is having at each step in the Customer Journey
    • Includes a comprehensive Research Plan to help you experiment, validate, and improve on your experience.

    We'll work with you to develop - or refine - your Customer Outcome-Based Roadmap so that it more closely aligns with your customers' needs and expectations, and prioritizes the features that customers will find most valuable.

    You Don't Have to Wait for Us - Start Building Your Journey Map Today

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    If you're curious about how Customer Outcome-Based Roadmaps work, and how useful they can be for your organization, you don't have to wait for us to get started.


    We built a self-service tool, PaiXon.io, that you can use to generate your own Customer Journey Map.


    We've even connected it to OpenAI, so you don't have to start with a blank slate: create an account, start a new project, and ask the AI to generate a starter map for you!

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