• BAYADA Data (and Customer) Journey



    Over $100 billion is spent every year on home healthcare, and BAYADA - a national leader in providing in-home healthcare services in 8 countries to over 38,000 clients per week - needed to corral data from dozens of systems and internal processes to remain competitive. Mapping the Data's Journey is just as important as mapping the customer and patient journeys, uncovering opportunities for improved outcomes across the business.


    BAYADA Home Health Care sought to create a world class talent attraction experience that would help to bring top home healthcare employees into an ecosystem of patient-centered care. With over 300 offices across the world, they had a wealth of marketing, recruiting, and hiring data to leverage in the design of a metrics-driven Talent Engine.


    Unfortunately, this data was produced by a variety of practices, using a bespoke collection of systems that would differ between regions, and even among individual offices. Managing the journey of this data as it - eventually - made its way into a single HR system of record required a comprehensive mapping of the data journey.


    We helped BAYADA create a system that optimizes their use of data to attract the best talent.

    Since the design and build would be a multi-year, enterprise-wide strategic endeavor, we did an immediate website redesign and stood up a test-and-learn practice that informs their digital transformation.


    Beginning with stakeholder interviews and design roadmapping sessions, we worked with Senior Leadership at BAYADA to identify the people, processes, and tools involved in the marketing, recruiting, and hiring journey.


    We then conducted over 40 ethnographic observation sessions, gathering insights from team members across the organization, and identifying key points of loss in the hiring funnel (where data, or potential hires, became harder to track.)


    A thorough assessment of the hiring and onboarding process revealed over a dozen systems - some used across the organization, others developed at the individual and office level - to manage the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes. The Chamjari team uncovered a wide range of both practices and outcomes, identifying regional, local, and individual variations in the recruiting and hiring process.


    Chamjari then produced a comprehensive data journey map, which like a Customer Journey Map, highlights the paths taken by data - entering through many different interaction points, transferred and transcribed- by both humans and software- as prospective employees are recruited, screened, hired and onboarded.


    This Data Journey Map gave BAYADA a framework from which to develop a Data and Process Consolidation Strategy - a step-by-step roadmap to identify and scale best practices, reduce the number of systems used to recruit and hire new employees, reduce the time-to-hire, and build a metrics-driven attraction funnel that connects top home healthcare talent with patients.


    Concurrently, we redesigned their web presence and built a testing program for all public-facing digital touchpoints, with a focus on speeding the point of intake for potential new hires.


    As a result of the Data Journey Map BAYADA was able to streamline their hiring process significantly, delivering on staffing needs during critical growth periods. Now, BAYADA provides home healthcare services across 410 offices in 8 countries and 24 states, serving 38,000 patients a week with over 29,000 employees.

    Our redesigned website and ad planning approach for BAYADA resulted in a 256% increase in leads. Working with key stakeholders to build on that success, we created The Attraction Lab, an always-on A/B testing program that measures digital touchpoints and provides a full-circle feedback to marketing teams within BAYADA to help them continuously improve their attraction strategy and tactics.

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