• Prototyping

    Get Early Feedback, Reduce Go-To Market Risk, and Validate Your Concept

  • We Build Fully Interactive Prototypes to Produce Rich, Reliable Insights

    A prototype is a working version of a web application that can be tested, explored, and discussed, allowing you to identify potential issues and make changes before the actual development process begins. A prototype helps you to better visualize the end product and formulate your product strategy, allowing for an iterative design process that produces a measurably better customer experience.

    Prototyping software saves time, money, and resources. The process of creating and testing a simplified version of the final software product before investing resources into building the full product will help you to validate ideas, explore and refine features, and uncover any potential problems or issues that may not have been anticipated, before any expensive and time-consuming build.


    We'll work with you to define the goals and objectives of your prototype (in some cases, working to help you create a Customer Journey Map), as the first step in the prototyping process.


    The next step can involve the creation of wireframes (static, schematic representations of your application), mockups (which provide more color and visual design detail), and even interactive applications (to demonstrate, or allow potential customers to interact with, live functionality).


    The prototype will allow your developers to easily identify and fix any issues that may arise, and your stakeholders to confirm that the design and functionality meet their desired business goals.

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    Prototypes + Customer Research: A Powerful Combination

    Once the prototype has been created, we recommend a phase of user testing to ensure that the design is meeting the needs and expectations of your target audiences. This testing might involve both internal stakeholders and current or prospective customers, and can be accomplished with a combination of one-on-one interviews, usability testing, and A/B testing to ensure the most useful and effective feedback.


    As we validate your prototype, we can continue to iterate on the design; delving further into existing customer needs, as well as exploring newly-discovered opportunities revealed through each round of testing. Integrating with Agile- and Lean-driven teams, we can seamlessly support a large body of development effort to help you stay ahead of the competition.


    Let us help you get critical product feedback and improve your development cycles, while reducing the cost and risk associated with bringing an experience to market through our prototyping services.

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