• Scaling Roadmap

    A Look Under the Hood of Your Business, and a Precise Guide to Scaling Up

  • We help small businesses find opportunities to streamline their digital operations, and fix the bottlenecks so that they can grow faster with the resources they already have

    Are You a Business Owner Who

    • Is overwhelmed with the volume of day-to-day “paper shuffling” that it takes to make your business run smoothly?
    • Has to be the expert on everything related to running the business, as well as the service/product you offer?
    • Finds it challenging to be creative and innovative new ideas, when you're bogged down in the details of delivery?
    • Is falling behind on cash-flow management, invoicing, and vendor payments?
    • Struggles to bring new employees onboard quickly, and get them up to speed on your unique way of serving your customers?

    The Scaling Roadmap is Especially for Businesses:

    • With $2 - $20 million in revenue/year
    • Sell a service, or a primarily digital product
    • Have 1 - 20 employees
    • Are founder-run or founder-led
    • Are using at least 5 different “systems” to run their business
      • Including bookkeeping/accounting packages, lead generation or CRM systems, file/case/client/customer management systems, spreadsheets, timekeeping systems, payroll systems, etc.
    • Who are looking to give their business the ability to scale 10-50x over the next 5 years.

    Every growing business reaches the same inflection point: your success opens up new opportunities, but you must make the leap from a business of a few, to a business of many. And chances are:

    • Your systems, processes, and operations aren’t standardized.
    • Your organizational structure has a few people wearing many different hats.
    • You and your team are swamped with information and tasks.
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    Option 1: Duct Tape and Sweat

    You’ve built up a certain way of doing things, and it works. Customers, who love what you provide, want more. You’ve made a few critical hires, but everyone is still playing multiple roles. Work keeps coming in, and you’re too busy doing everything you can to keep customers happy to stop and think about how to retool your operations so you can grow 10x as big without 10x as many people.


    Do any of these sound familiar?

    • Incoming leads are backing up, so you hire more sales reps to manage them, but haven’t yet established a standard sales approach or a single Customer Relationship Management System.
    • Your product line has expanded, but you haven’t implemented an Integrated Inventory Management System
    • Your data are mostly managed on spreadsheets, maybe with some custom formulas you’ve created to help you get an overview of your business
    • Tasks are managed through email or an off-the-shelf project management tool, but it requires a lot of manual input and constant updating.undefined

    In businesses where one or more of these is true, owners tend to make their best guess of how to solve their scaling issues - and that guess tends to be hiring more people. Which works, until it doesn’t.


    As your business and staff grow, so does the complexity of managing it.

    Option 2: Strategic Process Automation

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    What if, instead of just hiring more staff, you were able to make them 2-5x as efficient? What if someone could come in and, in a few days, pinpoint 5-10 areas of your business that are ripe for optimization?


    And what if, in a few weeks, they fixed those bottlenecks?


    What would it mean to your small business to not have to manually move information from your time tracking system to your payroll? Or import your sales leads into your accounting software? Or comb through years of customer data to try and figure out what sources of new business had brought you your best customers?


    What if you could handle twice as many customers with the same number of staff? 5x? 10x?


    What if the things that were holding you back, weren’t holding you back?

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