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    Be confident that your experience provides exactly what your customers want. Anticipate their needs, and gain competitive advantage. Validate your prototypes and designs quickly and accurately, so you know you're on the right track. Balance the demands of your own stakeholders, and clients, without maintaining an entire in-house Research team.

    We'll Bring Your Exactly the Insights You Need

    Our work with major automotive, financial services and healthcare clients provides teams with critical customer insights during the development of major commercial initiatives. From helping Volkswagen prepare the launch of the first all-electric compact SUV, to the development of innovative digital financial tools, to the optimization of a recruiting and hiring system across hundreds of offices worldwide, we help organizations solve their most critical challenges and anticipate their audiences' most important needs.


    We offer a wide range of customer research services to fit any stage of the experience development lifecycle, from Concept Ideation to Performance Validation.

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    Discovery Research

    We've helped hundreds of product teams identify their most compelling opportunities through our user research. Conducting customer research early in your business and product development process helps to minimize risk and enhance competitiveness, by giving you a deep understanding of real-world, validated, and explicit customer needs.

    We conduct UX Research to help you Discover unmet customer desires through:

    • Field Studies and Ethnographic Research
    • Diary Studies
    • Empathy Interviews
    • Customer and Organizational Stakeholder Interviews
    • Roundtable Discussions
    • Community Surveys

    Each of these services includes actionable Research Reports to help you to decide:

    • Which customer segments and needs are most important to address
    • What features of your product or experience need to be designed first
    • How subsequent Customer Research should be organized to continue building on what you've learned.
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    Exploratory Research

    As your product or experience begins to take shape, we can lend an independent perspective on how your approach stacks up against the competition, whether you're targeting your audience's most important needs, and how your designs are working in the real world.

    Our Exploratory Research can include:

    • Competitive analysis
    • Design reviews
    • Persona building
    • Task analysis
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Prototype feedback & testing (with clickable or paper prototypes)
    • Writing user stories
    • Card sorting

    We'll work with you and your team to identify what data you need to move your work forward, and help you uncover critical insights that will save you time and money, and reduce your product development risk.

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    Evaluative Testing

    Over 25 years, we've conducted thousands of usability tests on hundreds of products, working alongside Agile teams as they develop and improve their customer experience. Our Researchers are focused on providing clients with targeted, actionable feedback on their product designs, with evidence-based guidance backed by decades of real world business experience.

    Our current and past clients have benefited from:

    • Quantitative (at-scale) concept testing
    • Product Demand Curve research
    • Qualitative usability testing (in-person or remote)
    • Benchmark testing
    • Accessibility evaluations

    With a focus on pinpointing your progress towards defined business goals, our Evaluative Testing is designed to provide you with clear and actionable advice as your product or experience moves from design through production.

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    Product Feedback Research

    Through quantitative surveying and large scale data analysis, we can help you uncover strategically-vital patterns in your product's use, customer behavior, and audience preferences. Our Data Scientists can help you make sense of your data, or help you to look at it in new ways. With an eye towards inclusiveness and data equity, we can help you determine whether biases are creeping into your data analysis, or hiding opportunities from your view.


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