• Design Strategy

    Orient Your Entire Team Around Real Customer Problems, for Real Busienss Opportunity

  • Design is What it Does, Not What it Looks Like

    Competitive advantage is not just about unique products or features, or even great customer service. Competitive advantage comes from being able to ask your customers questions that your competitors don't even know exist.

    Great Design Is Grounded In Knowing The Problem to Solve


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    Grounded in Customer Research, Guided By Experience

    At its core, a journey map is a visual storyboard that helps you understand a customer’s journey, as seen through their eyes. It's a powerful tool that can help you identify customer pain points and create solutions to meet their needs. It also helps you identify opportunities to improve their experience of your product or service.


    Our approach is focused on developing and executing a comprehensive and focused Customer Research Plan to help you discover and validate your audience's needs, perspectives, desires and motivations.


    We then work with you to develop a Customer Journey Map which:

    • Clearly identifies each discrete stage of the Customer Journey, giving you insight into how people approach your product
    • Outlines specific questions and Jobs to Be Done that customers encounter along that Journey, to identify opportunities for competitive advantage and differentiation
    • Aligns each of the Interaction Points where customers encounter your product or experience along their Journey
    • Defines specific, trackable metrics to measure the impact your product or experience is having at each step in the Customer Journey
    • Includes a comprehensive Research Plan to help you experiment, validate, and improve on your experience.

    We'll work with you to develop - or refine - your product roadmap so that it more closely aligns with your customers' needs and expectations, and prioritizes the features that customers will find most valuable.

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